How to connect to our Game Server


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    How to connect to our Game Server

    Post by ASDFguy on November 17th 2013, 8:38 pm

    You will need:
    - The Games (We currently only offer Minecraft and Warcraft III Battle.Net)
    - Hamachi
    - Internet Connection (Ofc.)

    - First, download Hamachi here. If you already done this, skip to next step.
    - Join one of our Hamachi Network. Remember, our Hamachi Network is a spoke-hub type. No need to join multiple Network, it will only waste your bandwidth.

    Check latest Hamachi Network here.

    - For Minecraft, add this IP:


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: I can't connect to the Minecraft server!
    A: There is a lot of reason why it can happens. Make sure your Hamachi is on. If the problem still persist, check the IP. If the problem is still there, check out if the Server is UP or DOWN here. If it is up and you still cannot connect to our Minecraft server, please check your Minecraft version to make sure your Minecraft Client is running the same Version with our Minecraft Server. If the problem still persist, please post in our General Discussion forum.

    Q: I can't join the Hamachi Network!
    A: There must be a certain reason. First, it might be full. Second, you might enter a wrong password. Lastly, your Hamachi is broken.

    Q: The Hamachi Network is full!
    A: No need to being mad, we always keep our Hamachi Network up-to-date. When our Hamachi Network is full, always check back here, we already have a new one for you.

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