Bye-bye, Warcraft III!


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    Bye-bye, Warcraft III!

    Post by TenzoNakamiXD on December 7th 2013, 9:55 pm


    We feel sorry to say "Bye-bye Warcraft III!", because some of this reason, so sit down, and relax.
    First of all, we are lacking of players in our Warcraft III Battle.Net Server. It is only around 2-3 players daily, making it un-worthy to stand.
    Secondly, the server need a lot of effort to continued and maintained, as PvPGN has stopped to continue to update our server.
    Last of all, the server, really cost a lot. It is big and huge, far way bigger than our Minecraft Server. It costs around 3 times of our Minecraft Server monthly billing, even we only have 2-3 players daily on the server.

    With that 3 facts, we, the MHZ-XGC Staff, has decided to let it go by shutting it down, maybe permanently.
    We feel sorry too, we've lost all the data including your Profiles, Levels, and such as it is being shut down permanently.
    We really feel sorry to let it go, but that's the best we can do with all these funds.
    We cannot afford it anymore, except in future you might take around 100 players to play in the server daily.

    For the Warcraft III Battle.Net Admin and Moderator, thanks for doing a really good effort to it.
    We may see as a team again in future. The server has a very small chance that it will be resurrected and online again.

    Best Regards,
    MHZ-XGC Staff

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