TenzoNakamiXD was hereeeeee! :D


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    TenzoNakamiXD was hereeeeee! :D

    Post by TenzoNakamiXD on December 9th 2013, 7:31 pm


    my name is Tenzo Nakami XD,
    mostly called as Tenzo (seriously, they never call me Nakami, only when i can't hear them! Very Happy)
    Me myself doesn't really love to play games, but i do play a lot of games. (LOL?)
    Still study, yes, study is boring, so why study?
    After study you only work, and then die. YOLO!
    (Seriously, forgive me.)
    Well, i'm not at liberty to discuss my past, even to my friends.
    Past isn't anything right? It's only a mirror, so just don't look back because you'll see pain.
    I doesn't really mind about the future too, though.
    I lived in this present times, and everything i'm doing is in the present times.
    So why you should bother with the past and the future? Let the times flow..
    And, yes, i'm Indonesian (doesn't know why i should be born here.)
    Not really good at English, even Bahasa Indonesia.
    And, i'm not a Japanese, though my names are.
    But again, what does a name do?  lol! 

    Well, i'm not the king here, i'm not doing anything here, so let me flow away..
    Thanks for reading this very very short and useless introduction from me,

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