[Starsector] D-ark - A Compilation of Mods - Indev


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    [Starsector] D-ark - A Compilation of Mods - Indev

    Post by TenzoNakamiXD on July 26th 2015, 12:50 pm

    First thing first, please login or register in order to see links.

    Download D-Ark Indev Version
    Will upload soon.
    (Require LazyLib 2.0b+)

    Please start a new game, because the save game will not become compatible with the mods provided.

    This mod is not guaranteed to work without 2GB+ Memory Allocation!

    Compatible Mods
    Common Radar 1.1f+
    Console Commands 2.4b+
    Omnifactory 1.11+

    Main Features
    - Many new Ship and Weapons
    - Character Skills revamp
    - Smarter (and Harder!) Artifical Intelligence (AI)
    - Numerous Balance Changes
    - Graphics Improvement
    - Amazing Sound (Thanks to SoundCloud!)
    - Arcade Mission
    - Not Compatible with other Mods!

    Integrated Factions
    The Shadow Order by xxtadd
    Dark purple ships equipped with furious weapons that shot deadly purple flares. They work quietly.

    Cerberus by K-64
    Weird looking ships with godly beams and capable of abducting lots, no, tons of people

    The Confederacy of Free Stars by InfinitySquared
    Flaw but OP ships with an ancient capacitors and engine.

    ..and much more to come!

    Currently, D-ark includes numerous campaign features, metagame tweaks and balance changes. Added content currently includes fifteen ships.

    Change Log
    Indev Version (Unreleased)

    • Background added, shaders updated
    • Added fifteen ships
    • Renewed the Logo

    No Support Via PM.

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